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It is often said that the Marketing World is in a process of transformation.

It is not true, the world of marketing has already changed.



We are witnessing it, here and now. Traditional marketing no longer offers solutions that reach its audiences as it used to. The fact is that traditional marketing no longer works so well, and therefore does not serve us by itself. Newspapers and magazines are nearly obsolete, and television and radio audiences are suffering a considerable decline.

In its place a powerful new tool, Digital Marketing, has emerged as the most efficient way to assist companies in their business development, and this is likely to become increasingly relevant in the short term.

Keeping on carrying out traditional marketing actions is like deploying a hot-air balloon to cross the Mediterranean Sea; feasible yes, but inefficient compared to other options.

But then, what is this Digital Marketing concept?

Digital marketing is a technology driven approach to promote our brand which is based on the collection and exploitation of online data. Being the Internet the center of all activities and resources made available to a company that wants to communicate its brand in the digital world, the term “Digital Marketing” includes not only website design,  content copywriting, search optimization, advertising services, but also de development of podcasts, info products, mobile applications, and other forms of digital content.

Probably most important strengths of Digital Marketing lie in its being widely organized, extraordinarily result-oriented, measurable in real time and adjustable. Strategies do not remain in mere guesswork; they are continuously tested to verify what works and what does not. As a result, you can quickly measure the outcomes and take action to make the adjustments that your strategy needs on the spot.

This is the formula that Digital Marketing offers you when you have the necessary know-how and expertise to properly handle the correct resources. However, like most things in life, it is not an easy task and that is why companies rely on highly trained Digital Marketing Agencies that undertake the responsibility of the marketing activities on behalf of their customers offering professional and efficient services.

All right, now what’s a Digital Marketing Agency?

A Digital Marketing Agency distinguishes itself from a traditional one by putting its focus on the online marketing activities and on the measurement of their outcomes. If it is not measurable and results-oriented it is not digital marketing, it is a hollow illusion. The return on investment in digital marketing, by nature, has to be both quantifiable and manageable.

A genuine and professional digital marketing agency does not speculate on its campaigns or engage in “wait and see” marketing practices; it is a brand development, lead generation and business growth “machine” for those companies that purchase its services. Nowadays, radio or television commercials and magazine ads only partially fulfil their function.  As a substitute or rather as complement to them, a team of strategists, consultants, creatives and content developers work together from the beginning to deliver quantifiable results.

Digital Marketing Agency vs Traditional Marketing Agencies.

Marketing agencies often remain on both sides of the line, encouraging traditional or purely creative initiatives. Companies do want a beautiful website, but also they need a website that converts visitors into customers and sales.

Well, now that we understand what Digital Marketing Agencies do and that they work collaboratively with their customers in multi-disciplinary teams, let’s take a look at which are their main areas of involvement.

  1. Digital marketing agencies enhance and broaden your core business
  • A successful Digital Marketing Agency requires the right resources to take care of your marketing in a comprehensive fashion. From evaluating the potential and needs of your brand, through to developing an appropriate digital strategy to maximize profits.
  • They will work with your company to implement correct processes in order to improve the efficiency and productivity of your organization. With their help, you will better define your goals and better measure the performance, enabling you to have realistic expectations.
  • In addition, the use of data at the heart of our actions as well as result-oriented approaches requires an accurate identification of the target audience, something that is more specific than that often provided by companies that are not engaged in this kind of activities. Working with a Digital Marketing Agency will enable you to pinpoint your target customer and to analyse his or her purchasing behavior.
  • Once the targets are identified, the process will take us to define what your value proposition should be and what messages should be conveyed to your target audience. The Digital Marketing Agency will help you do define such value proposition that aligns the brand with the expectations and needs of our target customers to create an intimate connection with them that in turn convert their search into sales for your company.
  1. Digital Marketing Agencies master your brand online.
  • It will develop or improve effective and customer-experience-oriented websites that allow you to showcase and develop your brand online. From there, the digital marketing agency will be in charge of choosing and properly develop the right platforms and channels that will allow you to reach your target customers.
  • Since digital marketing pivots around your online presence, a Digital Marketing Agency will work extensively on developing your brand online throughout a variety of approaches, all of which are fully complementary to the marketing actions you may carry out in the real world; although both must be closely coordinated.
  • The Digital Marketing Agency will also be in charge of positioning your company and providing authority to your brand on the web. In order to give immediate visibility to your website, the agency will deploy modern and effective strategies for content management (SEO) and search engine promotion making use of paid ads on social platforms and channels (SEM). These digital marketing techniques will be applied in order to optimize your organic positioning and improve the management of sponsored links in search engines,.
  1. Digital marketing agencies increase the return on investment (ROI).
  • The most important differentiator Digital Marketing Agencies offer when compared to traditional agencies is the proven and quantifiable boost in the ROI. Continuous reliable data analysis means greater chances to obtain a much higher return on digital investment than you would expect from similar investments in their traditional counterparts. And a higher ROI means higher profits.
  • In digital marketing there is no such thing as passivity. A proficient Digital Marketing Agency will be reluctant to discontinue challenging and reworking its strategy in order to boost your ROI and improve the overall effectiveness of your marketing actions. They will analyze your website traffic, determine the best actions and online platforms to invest in, and then do their best efforts to maintain a dynamic balance between your marketing efforts and the results they deliver.
Purchasing the services from a Data Digitalis means working with a team of marketing specialists, consultants, developers, writers and designers who, together with you, will make prospect customers your customers, meaning improved long-term sales growth and enhancement of bottom line results, therefore greater chances of future sustainability for your business.
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